Art Showing by Artist Taylor Hirsch in Port Jefferson

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Check out the artist for the month, Taylor Hirsch. You can view his artwork on the walls of our Port Jefferson location.


Artist Taylor HirschTAYLOR HIRSCH

The arts bring meaning to my life. I am fascinated with all forms of art, from fashion and photography to painting, music and television. In my work, I attempt to incorporate many of my interests and combine them with different graphic elements into a final piece. My goal in any collage is to transcend different visual levels and invoke an emotional reaction from the viewer. Most of my work centers on structure, both in medium and design elements. I use images specifically found in magazines, books, comics and other already printed works.

My work involves utilizing popular subject matter and combining it with saturated colors, giving it a Pop Art aesthetic. I also add an element of cubism through the intricacy of each shape i create and the way they interact with one another. These shapes simultaneously demonstrate both rigidity, sharpness, and fluidity. In the majority of my pieces, prior to construction, i predetermine where each individual cut-out should go, and work off memory to construct the final product.

Connect with him here:
Facebook – Taylor Hirsch
Instagram – Taylor Hirsch